This has been a challenging period but I’ve tried to use this time to practice, teach, and take lessons myself. Three albums of which I had the pleasure to play on are being released in the coming months. 

Grand Picture Palace

Anneleen Boehme: double bass / band leader / composer
Rob Banken: bass clarinet
Cedric De Lat: trumpet
Berlinde Deman: tuba and serpent
Herlinde Verjans: violin
Laura Kennis: violin
Rhea Vanhellemont: viola
Juno Kerstens: cello
Matthias De Waele: drums

Anemic Cinema

Artan Buleshkaj – baritone guitar & compositions
Rob Banken – alto saxophone & clarinet
Steven Delannoye – tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
Matthias De Waele – drums

Serendip Quartet

Arnaud Guichard: Saxophone/Composition
Florent Jeunieaux: Electric Guitar
Jasper De Roeck: Double bass
Matthias De Waele: Drums